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Luxury Property Selection

Luxury Property Selection ~ Marketing for Premier Properties

Luxury Property Selection our innovative brand offers global reach, outstanding local brand profile and leading-edge technology when marketing your exceptional property. Our luxury specialists will provide you with extensive mix of online and offline media options that offer comprehensive distribution to a worldwide audience. Luxury Property Selection is an exceptional marketing program developed around comprehensive research focused on the luxury consumer, buying trends and the changing demographic. Through research and analytics we are committed to delivering the brand to targeted marketplaces giving your property the greatest possible exposure. 

Our research shows: 

 •Consumers want to be engaged and prefer to find property by attributes that work with their lifestyle.

 • Luxury is defined by the lifestyle and recreation options it affords and by the way it fulfills ones dreams.

 • The luxury demographic is changing - Gen Y (18-29 year olds) are the fastest growing luxury consumer segment. 

 • 60% of luxury business will come from China in the next 10 years. 

Luxury Property Selection is centered around an exciting website with a unique focus of presenting property based on four key search features; location, lifestyle, eco features and recreation. This philosophy enables potential buyers to search and view property that matches the way they live their life. The experience created is like nothing seen before on traditional real estate websites. Property is displayed with intuitive design, large format photographs, and key features highlighted making the experience for a buyer more engaging through easy navigation and valuable information.